What you’ve said:

“I can’t believe how much better my feet feel. The relief was immediate. Thank you so much, I wish I had made an appointment ages ago.”
Mrs V, Marsh Green

“I’m very grateful to Jill for the careful examination my foot during a visit for treatment as she discovered a significant lack of a pulse in my left foot. This led to vascular surgery which restored my ability to walk without discomfort.”
Mr M C, Lingfield

“Jill Dyer treated my elderly grandmother and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to do it. My grandmother was 97, hard of hearing and registered blind. Jill was so kind, considerate and treated her with gentle care. My grandmother said that her feet were much more comfortable after treatment. I would highly recommend her services without a second of hesitation.”
Mrs T C, Blindley Heath

“I used Jill Dyer to treat a painful corn and would highly recommend her services. She made me feel comfortable straight away, and was very gentle and considerate during the consultation. I would definitely go back.”
Miss T W, Blindley Heath

“I want to thank you for the kind and professional care that you gave my mother. I know she wasn’t always the easiest patient, due to her dementia, but we always appreciated your caring efforts to ensure that her feet were in the best condition possible”
Mrs D M, Dormansland

“Thank you so much for looking after Mum’s feet so well, It’s not an easy job, I appreciate your patience with her.”
Mrs C, Dormansland

“Jill has been looking after my feet for nearly three years and in that time she noticed that an old scar from a verruca had changed colour and over a few months measured it and it had got larger. She suggested that I mentioned this to my Doctor who sent me to the Queen Victoria Hospital where it was found that I had a malignant melanoma. I had an operation within a couple of months and a skin graft. That was seven months ago and I am back now almost to normal walking. I have Jill to thank for this I dread to think what would have happened to me if she had not been so observant. I of course can recommend her as a very good chiropodist.”
Mrs W, East Grinstead

“I have been a client at Jill’s foot clinic for several years having tried various other services before I found her clinic. She provides a caring and highly professional service and I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great podiatrist. Try her yourself and notice the difference!”
Mrs M A, East Grinstead

“I had known Jill for some time before my mother, in her 90s, needed treatment, and had no hesitation in recommending Jill. She is very professional, caring and considerate, and my mother received excellent treatment.”
Ms W, Lingfield

“My feet have never been as good as they have been you started looking after them. They don’t hurt me any more. Thank you.”
Miss H, Hurst Green

“I want to thank you for the kind and professional care you gave my Mother. I know she isn’t always the easiest patient but we always appreciate your caring efforts to ensure that her feet are in the best condition possible.”
Mrs R’s daughter, Lingfield